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Haley Barbour and Khosla Ventures

By Amy McCullough Gov. Haley Barbour and a venture capital firm backing three of the most recent green energy startups purchased by the state of Mississippi will both be speaking at a California energy conference for high-rollers hosted by the editors of The Wall Street Journal. ECO:nomics “will bring together the world’s top CEOs, policymakers, entrepreneurs and industry experts to ...

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One size doesn't fit all in the Delta

By Wally Northway In the spring of 1968, my family and I spent a tense night huddled at my grandmother’s house in Greenville. All the lights were doused, the only sound a radio turned down so low it was barely audible. Every now and then somebody would pull a curtain back and peak out a window. The atmosphere was thick, ...

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Healthcare reform: Leaving a bad taste

By Wally Northway There once was a company that was looking to launch a new brand of dog food. Everything looked promising — good brand name, attractive packaging, solid demographics and high marks from prospective customers. And it fell flat on its face. Why? It tasted terrible. Dogs simply hated it. I believe that to be a true story. If ...

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Stupid comments from Mississippi politicians

By the Mississippi Business Journal Mississippi’s legislators just aren’t afraid to blast their cowardice to the world. The MBJ’s most recent favorite examples: The Clarion-Ledger‘s Jan. 21 story “Open meetings bill passes Senate floor” highlights a new law (SB 2289) that would put teeth in the state’s Open Meeting Act. Elected officials who violate the act would have to personally ...

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If measured by $ to Iowa candidates, Barbour running for pres

By Amy McCullough In the most recent issue of WORLD magazine, columnist Mindy Belz cites information from the Des Moines Register that could indicate a Haley Barbour run for president is very likely. In addition to visiting Iowa, “Another measure of presidential interest is which of these prospective candidates contributed to Iowa candidates in 2010 mid-term elections via their own ...

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Heritage or Hindrance? — Mississippi flag plays a role in state’s sports and economic development

Pearl’s Trustmark Park is in the hunt to host the Southeastern Conference Baseball Tournament, but in the end, the SEC says our state flag is a negative factor, officially making the Confederate symbol a financial liability Since the mid 1990s, the Birmingham, Ala., suburb of Hoover has been the site of the Southeastern Conference Baseball Tournament. That may change next year. ...

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