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Debate on health reform just doesn’t make much sense

“Make no sense/ That common sense/ don’t make no sense no more.” John Prine wrote those lines, and sadly, much of the big debate on health reform “don’t make no sense” to me. A government with less money than GM and Bank of America stands poised to embark on a new $900-billion spending program, and worse, policy-makers, the media and ...

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Barbour: State can’t handle more burden

Mississippi not expected to be particularly supportive of health measures before congress By CLAY CHANDLER I STAFF WRITER clay.chandler@msbusiness.com A lot happened last week with the healthcare reform package President Obama has been pushing virtually from the day he announced his candidacy for the White House. After the chaos that ensued from Obama’s speech to a joining session of Congress, ...

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The state of health insurance in Mississippi

There are a multitude of opinions on the issue that cover a multitude of subjects By NASH NUNNERY I STAFF WRITER nash.nunnery@msbusiness.com From spirited and often-contentious town hall meetings to water cooler conversations at work, the debate over healthcare reform rages on across the nation. Lawmakers have heard arguments on both sides regarding President Barack Obama’s goals for healthcare reform. ...

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Auto insurance premium has lot to do with where you live

Mississippi ranks No. 27 in auto insurance premiums How much you pay for automobile insurance depends on your ZIP code. Whether you move from the suburbs to the city, from one side of town to the other or even a few blocks away, the relationship between your ZIP code and your auto insurance premium has much to do with the ...

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State Farm and the Mississippi Gulf Coast

To say the state’s relationship with America’s largest insurer has been rocky would be an understatement   By NASH NUNNERY I STAFF WRITER nash.nunnery@msbusiness.com To say the relationship between Mississippi Gulf Coast residents and State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. has been rocky since Hurricane Katrina might be an understatement.        For the past four years, the battle ...

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Is there a doctor in the county?

Study finds that reform could bring crushing demand for healthcare Healthcare reform would bring an immediate, crushing demand for care in Mississippi, and it could take the largely rural Magnolia State a decade to produce enough care providers to meet patients’ needs. That is the finding of a recently-released report from Northeast Mississippi Health Education Center’s Mississippi Center for Health ...

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