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Supply chain managers rethinking just-in-time delivery?

After supply-chain managers were faced with grounded flights, closed international borders and lengthy inspections of ground transportation freight in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and the vulnerability of the supply chain system became apparent, some companies, particularly in manufacturing, began rethinking just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing. “I haven’t heard discussions about manufacturers making specific changes — yet,” said Jim ...

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Community support vital to landing $50-million prison

MCCOMB — Who would choose to live near a prison? Plenty of people, if we’re talking about Pike County, which recently had considerable community support to attract a 1,500-bed, low-security federal prison that will create an estimated 320 permanent jobs. There was no visible opposition to the $50-million prison in the community. There wasn’t a single letter to the editor ...

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Contract procurement deals could help small businesses

Small businesses in Mississippi that have taken a hit from the declining economy would be well served by taking a proactive approach and making sure they are taking advantage of potential government contract procurements programs. Government purchases are expected to increase dramatically in the wake of the war in Afghanistan. “When the government gets in a situation it is in ...

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Ag 2001: still depressed despite certain bright spots

Mississippi agriculture started the growing season “like a dream,” as one ag expert put it. The three-year drought had ended, and increased acres planted in cotton, corn and rice set up the potential for record harvests. Then the dream turned into a nightmare for many growers when the break in the drought turned into too much of a good thing ...

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Small-town caterer stuffs critics with success

NEWTON — When you think about a high-pressure business, catering comes quickly to mind. You must be on time, have delicious food at just the right temperature delivered to an off-site location where a highly nervous — and usually agitated — customer awaits you. In addition, many of your employees are temporary, yet must meet the exacting standards set by ...

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