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Bulls run at Northeast Mississippi Economic Forecast Conference

TUPELO — National economists were bullish about the Northeast Mississippi economy, particularly the furniture sector, at the economic forecast conference held Jan. 24 in Tupelo. “The South may already be in the beginning phase of a rebound,” said Donald Ratajczak, CEO of BrainWorks Ventures in Atlanta, which invests in new technology-based businesses. “2003 could be a very interesting year. 2002, ...

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Roadway’s biz ‘just like old Pony Express’

MERIDIAN — When Roadway Express put its break bulk/distribution terminal in Meridian in 1975, the company validated what local leaders had advertised for a long time: that the city is ideally located for that type facility. J. D. Peeples is district manager of Roadway. From his Memphis office, he oversees the Meridian operation. “Meridian is a strategic location for us ...

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New Year’s resolutions boost travel in Hub City

HATTIESBURG — When tourism sales manager Kristie Godwin was addressing Christmas cards for the Hattiesburg Convention & Visitors Bureau last year, she had an idea. Why not send New Year’s cards touting resolutions that would remind travelers about the various things to do and see in the Hub City? In December, about 6,000 cards were mailed with Top 10 New ...

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Insurance officials emerge as heroes

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale and Deputy Commissioner Lee Harrell accomplished what other state insurance regulators, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Justice Department failed to do: uncover a global insurance fraud scandal featuring a seemingly harmless nerd. In a case that Court TV called “a sophisticated James Bond-type thriller with Woody Allen cast ...

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