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JACK WEATHERLY — A long winter’s drive to say good-bye

The air has a clarity and depth that set off the gray, monumental trees. We are driving the Natchez Trace from Jackson, Miss. to its beginning near Franklin, Tennessee, which is close to Murfreesboro, which is the end of the earthly line for my friend who would’ve been 90 in May. Hank Haines convinced many young journalists that they could ...

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TODD SMITH — Top leadership lessons from Super Bowl coaches

While Super Bowl 50 was won by a gritty, determined defense dominated by an MVP performance from Vonn Miller, the success of both teams this year – and their showdown in the ultimate game in San Francisco – has a lot to do with the lessons of leadership, management and identity. Lessons that today’s brands should pay attention to. Here ...

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Analysis: 2 crowns, 1 gas mask show Mississippi complexity

Two of Mary Ann Mobley’s dazzling crowns sat delicately on a shelf. The doe-eyed beauty won the smaller, golden-hued crown as Miss Mississippi 1958 and the larger, platinum-toned one a few months later as Miss America 1959. Next to the crowns, in a temporary display last week at the state Capitol, sat a military-issued gas mask used during the 1962 ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Reader says sales tax best for funding roads and bridges

“Sales tax is the only fair tax we have,” wrote a reader. “Can you find out how long it would take for a two percent sales tax increase to fund restoration of our highways and bridges?” Hmmm. Let’s quantify the issue. The MEC/Blueprint Mississippi report entitled “Ramping Up Mississippi’s Economy Through Transportation” identified what’s needed to restore our highways and ...

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BOOK BIZ — Celebrating the brain’s amazing ability to change

For many years, the prevailing view in brain science held up three beliefs as staunch truth. First, that once past certain developmental stages, our brains were unable to adapt or grow in any significant way. Next, that when parts of the brain were damaged, either from disease or by accident or injury, that damage was largely permanent. And third, that ...

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Analysis: Bryant says he’d sign corporate franchise tax cut

  More than a few observers walked away from Gov. Phil Bryant’s State of the State speech believing they’d heard the second-term Republican oppose plans for this year’s Legislature to cut the $242-million-a-year corporate franchise tax. The governor, though, says that’s not true — it’s more a matter of emphasis. Here are the key words late in the 27-minute speech, ...

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