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BILL CRAWFORD — The SMORGS’ Gift to America – Donald Trump

The SMORGS are coming!  The SMORGS are coming!  Heaven help us all, the SMORGS are winning! Well, they’re winning sort of. SMORGS stands for “Sanctimonious Malicious Organizations.” You know what I’m talking about – well-funded, special-interest organizations that preach a good line but destroy any politician who won’t walk that line with them. SMORGS have taken over politics, impacting both ...

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LAW ELEVATED — Trends driving real estate development in 2016: millennials, 18-hour cities, investment capital

From interest rates to investment returns, numbers remain an important tool for planning and predicting in the real estate world. Three key numbers highlight and explain some important current trends shaping the commercial real estate markets – 80 (as in $80 million), 18 (as in 18 hours) and two (as in two sources of investment capital). For decades, baby boomers ...

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PEYTON SMITH — D&O coverage: board members and officers can’t afford not to have it

Most entities and organizations have some type of insurance on board of directors or officers that help run the organization. Some may have a group of employees that are part of their board of directors, while nonprofit organizations usually have volunteers that make up most of their Boards. Being a member of a board or an officer can be very ...

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OTHER VIEWS: Executions & Prior Restraint

  The Mississippi Senate added a heinous amendment to an already bad bill late Tuesday afternoon and then passed it, creating a situation which simply cannot be tolerated. Senate Bill 2237 was already bad enough in that it protected, by making secret, the names of the manufacturers of drugs used in executions. If there is anything that should be completely ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Are Mississippi politicians bought and paid for?

  Politicians are bought and paid for, according to Donald Trump. “When you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do,” he said. He was speaking about Washington politicians. But what about Mississippi politicians?  Are they bought and paid for? Probably not, but the less than squeaky clean behavior of some, and the lack of concern by most, ...

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Analysis: Conflict puts lawmakers’ own speech in peril

  A majority of Mississippi House members voted willingly last week to limit their own power of speech in their own chamber by eliminating something called the point of personal privilege. The decision was an astonishing turn of events led by Republican House Speaker Philip Gunn and his allies, and the change came in response to Democrats requesting that bills ...

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