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Letters to Editor

Healthcare not that complicated

Editor: Healthcare is costly because most people never look at the bottom line Why is healthcare so expensive? Because you and I don’t pay for it. Whether it’s a physical exam, blood test, teeth cleaning or a flu shot, we let insurance pay for it. We and the government have turned insurance into a payment program, not a hedge against ...

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Buildings should have been repaired

Editor: I live in Hancock County, and there are a couple of buildings that have gotten to be eyesores along Lower Bay Road. The first one is the old Lakeshore School. I can understand that people raised in this area want to keep it, and I was all for it when they said they were going to turn it into ...

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We aren’t stupid

Editor: What puts almost every American in danger of financial ruin? Has America lost her “can do” spirit? I grew up hearing, “Americans are the greatest innovators in the world.” Now we are being led to believe that we lack the capability to innovate. The fearmongers keep harping on problems other countries have with universal healthcare; therefore we shouldn’t even ...

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