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BEN WILLIAMS — PowerScoring Trump’s judicial appointments in the first 18 months

Ben Williams In his first 18 months in office, President Trump placed 44 lifetime Article III federal judges on the bench. Conservative pundits praise the record. But how do the 44 confirmations really stack up? The U.S. currently has 860 congressionally established Article III judicial positions, breaking down as follows: 9 Supreme Court justices, 179 appellate judges, 663 district judges, ...

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Analysis: Appeal over charter school funding heats up

JEFF AMY Chancery court was never going to be anything but the first round in a lawsuit over how Mississippi’s charter schools are funded. Hinds County Chancery Judge Dewayne Thomas ruled in February that diversions of local property taxes to charter schools are acceptable. But the inevitable appeal to the state Supreme Court is now in motion. In recent weeks, ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: Disparities plus uncaring GOP open door for Socialism

BILL CRAWFORD The growing support for socialistic programs within the Democratic Party has many traditionalists worried. They should be. Data shows wealth accumulating ever more rapidly among the top one percent and growing ever more slowly among the bottom ninety percent. From 1946 to 1980 middle-income Americans saw greater income growth than rich ones. Since 1980, income growth for the ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — predictions and outcomes

PHIL HARDWICK Ten years ago I wrote a column in which I offered 10 things that I believe will shape the future of housing and communities. It’s time for a checkup. 1. (Prediction) Increased use of technology in houses – Energy management, security, mood settings and efficient use of all things mechanical and electrical in our houses has been around ...

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Analysis: It’s prosecutor vs. ‘Big Country’ in US House race

EMILY WAGSTER PETTUS The major-party nominees in Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional District present sharp contrasts in style, even if their ideological differences are fuzzier. Republican Michael Guest and Democrat Michael Ted Evans both say they oppose abortion and support gun rights and border security. Neither sounds likely to hang out with the House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi. Guest is in his ...

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