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City water line map nearly useless

January 14th, 2010

The Mississippi Business Journal applauds the city of Jackson for making use of the Internet and posting an interactive map of water line breaks on its web page (

Despite their thinking in the right direction, the MBJ hates the fact that the city has wasted tax dollars on the endeavor, because the map is essentially useless.

One has to zoom in no more than 392 feet off the ground to be able to read a single street name. And then the screen only displays a small portion of a neighborhood at a time.

In other words, unless you have an aerial view of the city of Jackson memorized, it could take hours to find your location: You have to scroll through the entire 125-square mile Jackson area at a very low elevation to be able to read where the heck you are.

The “Find Address” search box in the upper left-hand corner would help with or maybe solve this problem – if it worked.

One can only wonder how many duplicate calls the Jackson hotline at (601) 960-1111 has gotten reporting the same water main break.

One also wonders why tax payer dollars are being spent on employees who are answering the Jackson information hotline: They don’t know much of anything.

A later afternoon inquiry on Monday regarding whether or not the city was under a boil-water alert yielded an “I don’t know, but you should probably go ahead and take that precaution anyway” response. This was after the Mayor had given a press conference earlier that day recommending citizens boil water. A late morning inquiry today about whether or not the Mayor would be giving a press conference today yielded a “We haven’t been told yet” answer. A call 20 minutes later to a local news station confirmed that there would indeed be a press meeting at 11 a.m.

City spokesman Chris Mims has not yet returned an MBJ phone call asking for information about the map.

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