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That’s not journalism to me

July 14th, 2010

Journalism gets a bad rap to me.

I hear too many times about the “Liberal Media”.

Seriously, I am not sure what that means. During the 20-plus years I have been in the business, I have not personally known anyone I have worked with who has tried to advance a political agenda simply based on their work with a media outlet.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t done, however.

But when it is done, my opinion is that those people shouldn’t be lumped into the big pile of folks that call themselves journalists.

And maybe they don’t consider themselves journalists anyway.

I was reminded of that this morning when I listened to an interview with Mississippi political strategist Jere Nash. Nash, a Democrat, along with Republican strategist Andy Taggert are often asked their opinion on the issues of the day. They both do a good job of giving fair analysis.

Unfortunately, the person interviewing Nash put him in the spot of defending the Democratic party. The interview was conducted in a manner that appealed only to an audience he admitted was overwhelmingly majority Republican.

All of that is fine. Folks that lean left, read, listen and watch one thing. Folks that lean right, read, listen and watch something else.

But when addressing the subjects of the day, people in these forms of media shouldn’t give the impression they are giving an impartial point of view.

They are not practicing journalism and are giving the rest of us a bad name who work very hard at reporting stories impartially.

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