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MC Law School has a lot going on

September 22nd, 2010

It wasn’t planned, but I visited the Mississippi College Law School today and was given the grand tour by Dean Jim Rosenblatt, who has to be one of the nicest guys you will ever want to meet.

We had lunch and sat in on a seminar hosted by the Mississippi Defense Lawyers of Mississippi. Jay McDaniel and Adam Spicer of Butler Snow spoke to the students about being a young lawyer and the differences between the academic world and the real world. Students listened as the speakers talked about the need to be an advocate for the client with a real strategy and to “frame the facts” to avoid a defensive posture.

From there, Rosenblatt showed me around the ever expanding campus in downtown Jackson which has more than 500 students in its facilities everyday. From a parking lot that accomodates around 300 cars to state-of-the-art technology throughout all of the buildings, the MC Law School campus is mighty impressive.

And as an alum of Delta State, admitting much of anything good about MC is high praise. I just hope campus police never learns I was on campus.

Seriously, if you haven’t visited, you should. For more information go the MC website.

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