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Kirby, Bryant prove to be anti-business; Dennis for personal responsibility

January 17th, 2011

I have written before about the term “anti-business” and that the perception often doesn’t match the label.

However, when Sen. Dean Kirby, R-Pearl, argues against a microbreweries beer bill, because he doesn’t want to put his committee members in an uncomfortable position during an election year, it is obvious that political gain is more important than business success.

POLL QUESTION: Should leadership in both chambers reconsider their stance regarding legislation that would raise the maximum alcohol content in beer made and sold in Mississippi from 5 percent alcohol by weight to 8

Even Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, a Republican candidate for governor, took the same position in a story in the Mississippi Business Journal this week. Bryant said he didn’t see a reasonable benefit to increasing the alcohol content in Mississippi.

If that is the case, Bryant and Kirby must be against more jobs and a better tax base for Mississippi.

In a conversation with the Mississippi Business Journal last week, Coast businessman Dave Dennis, a Republican candidate for governor, said he would be for such a bill and that any concerns about alcohol and morality is about personal responsibility, not politics.

So, if Dennis sees the financial and jobs benefit of the bill, why not Bryant and Kirby. I’m assuming they would rather see government impose its will on Mississippians instead of allowing for personal responsibility.

Maybe they could meet me for a beer to discuss it.

I mean, there’s no use in being a hypocrite, right?

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