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Tupelo is capital of Northeast Mississippi

January 26th, 2011

In a story we published on our website today, a South Carolina firm has consulted Tupelo to work together to be more consumer friendly.

Tupelo is already the capital of Northeast Mississippi.

Located on the interstate-like U.S. 78 and US. 45, people from as far away as Corinth, Columbus, Oxford and across the state line in Alabama, drive to Tupelo to work, shop and play on a daily basis.

I lived in the Tupelo area for about six years, and there is no question that Elvis’ hometown is already the center of the retail for that part of state, regardless.

What Tripp Muldrow, of Arnett Muldrow & Associates in Greenville, S.C. suggested is that Downtown Tupelo and The Mall at Barnes Crossing should be partners. This group rightly suggests the two groups could increase their market share if they work together to promote Tupelo as the complete shopping package — the Barnes Crossing district with its national brands and downtown with its independent stores and restaurants.

Tupelo has always been at the forefront of promoting regionalism, which has worked great the last 50 years. A teaming of the mall and downtown areas would make Tupelo more of a force to reckoned with.

Much of the state, like the Mississippi Delta and Metro Jackson could learn a thing or two from how Tupelo has conducted its business the last half century. It has done it right up until now, and there is no reason to believe now is any different.

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