Democrats out to take America in a coup …

August 4th, 2011

I just saw someone of prominence in the Mississippi business community make the following comment …

“Socialism in action: Euro stocks absolutely tanked today on fear of debt problems spreading. Dow down over 500 points. This is Barry/Pelosi/Reid’s model for America. …”

Great call Mr. Business Leader … Yeah, these guys are rooting for everyone to go broke, including themselves … That will help them and everybody else … That’s intelligent!


  1. August 4th, 2011 at 18:26 | #1

    Ole Miss should have ‘learned’ the Gov. better. The USA paying off its debt like adults is negative for the markets so its just the markets factoring in the spending declines for the next ten years. I took a class in high school economics at Tupelo High & a MC grad.

  2. August 4th, 2011 at 18:42 | #2

    You people goes around make things up about democrats and try to make it stick it does with gullable people me I am not gullABLE I AM NOT STINGY I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY TO DO BETTER ANY THAT DON’T IS NOT AN AMERICAN IF IT WASN’T FOR THE DEMOCRATS WE WOULD LIVE IN A 4TH WORLD COUNTRY MOST REPUBLICANS ARE SELFISH THEIR WAY OR THE Hiway that don’t get it in a democracy it this country would be better off without people like that remember Jesus takes care all of us why can’t we follow him just a little get the betternes out of your mind and you will fill a lot better !

  3. Ross Reily
    August 5th, 2011 at 10:25 | #3

    It was said tongue, firmly planted in cheek … Relax there big boy!!

  4. Pim
    August 8th, 2011 at 21:54 | #4

    well I think we should take care of everybody the same, so how about Oprah, Obama, Jessie Jackson ,Reid Pelosi, Franks and the Kennedy clan just give up their money and share.. I would rather take my tax dollars and give it to the young girl, who lives down my road, after all she is single, works 3 part-time jobs and is paying for her OWN college education.. Instead the state and feds take my money and send part of it to a woman with 4 kids from different gang banging daddies… If you call me selfish, so be it..But remember, I paid cash for my home, my autos and I can quit work..what a novel idea, all those who do pay taxes should quit work and get food stamps and a disability check… Hey Raymond, could you spare a dime?? since you want to help people, change your w-2, there is a place on it where you can have more federal taxes taken out of your check, then let the feds keep your money.. isn’t that the democrat way?? By the way why is it most of NYC is democrat, and yet they have more people in one city on welfare, than most states have in their entire states.. How does that work? Oh wait,they take from other states who don’t have a bunch of lazy welfare recipients …
    And Ross, Pelosi and Reid and Franks and Obama would never go broke in the stock market, they will just bail them out. like Chrysler.. Nice return we got there. I doubt they even own stocks.. I hear in Pennsylvania it is a civil right,for welfare and food stamp recipients , to have a cell phone ,paid for by tax payers..gotta have a cell phone to make quick drug deals.. The thing is Republicans are no different, look at Lott… and Thompson.. McCain…. and Bush….Democrats in Republican clothes… Can you really tell, is there really a difference? I say for the most part no… DC is the den of corruption back room deals and according to Pelosi, they have to pass bills and make law,before they can find out what is in it… That, I say, is a bunch of Male Enhance Bovine Manure..

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