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I smell a rat with nursing home lobbyist

February 4th, 2011 Comments off

Lobbyists for nursing homes are talking out of both sides of their mouth in relation to the two bills that died in committee last week that would have required nursing homes in Mississippi to carry a minimum amount of $500,000 in liability insurance.

The story, written by Clay Chandler, appears in this week’s Mississippi Business Journal and is currently on our website.

The Mississippi Health Care Association, a statewide trade group that advocates for nursing homes and personal care/assisted living facilities, has said the past few sessions that the bills mandating liability insurance are unnecessary.

“ … the overwhelming majority of nursing homes do carry liability insurance,” John Maxey, the MHCA’s legal counsel, said in an email to the MBJ.

Later in Chandler’s story, Maxey says ” … (any bill requiring liability insurance) would have a serious financial impact … on nursing homes because the insurance is so expensive.”

Maybe I missed something, but if, according to Maxey, most nursing homes already have adequate liability insurance, why would a bill mandating liability insurance make for abnormally expensive insurance?

Just a thought … what do you think?