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Boyce Adams either lying or uniformed when it comes to his key issue — the Kemper County Coal Plant

November 7th, 2011 Comments off

Why won’t Boyce Adams answer questions about his main talking point in the race against Brandon Presley for northern commissioner of the Mississippi Public Service Commission?

He has gone on the record several times, saying there will be no rate increase involved with the building of a $2.88 billion coal plant in Kemper County. Yet, when we called him this past week to ask him about it, he didn’t return multiple phone calls.

Boyce Adams has said there will be no rate increase invoved in the building of the Kemper County Coal Plant

In a story we ran in this week’s Mississippi Business Journal, Presley views the plant as a job-killer while Adams was quoted two weeks ago in A Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal story reports Adams as saying, “There is no rate hike associated with the project.”



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Brandon Presley has said he opposed and voted against the $2.8 billion Kemper Coal Plant and against the 45 percent rate hike

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According to a 2009 document filed with the Commission, the Kemper plant could make customer rates go up by about 45 percent. Mississippi Power Company told poultry farmers that their rates would rise by 30 percent.

So, when it comes to rate hikes involved with the Kemper coal project, Adams is either lying or uninformed. In either case, that is unacceptable for someone basing his entire candidacy on the worthiness of the Kemper County Coal Plant.

From my perspective, I am sorry that we cannot provide people with a response from Adams about this issue. However, we have been calling him for nearly a week without a return phone call.

If he needs to clarify his position, he can reach me at (601) 364-1000.

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Presley Passes ‘Rate Reduction, Job Creation Plan’

August 4th, 2011 Comments off

In a press release, Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley announced today that utility companies have responded to his request to craft incentives to encourage small business development and job creation in Mississippi.
Entergy Mississippi, Atmos Energy Corporation, CenterPoint Energy Resources and Wilmut Gas & Oil Company have laid out specific incentives, such as reduced rates, waived security deposits and encouragement of existing vacant building development that will go into effect on or before September 9th. Mississippi Power Company’s plan for small businesses will be filed in the coming days.
“I understand how important small businesses are and how their owners struggle to cut overhead costs and to create jobs,” Presley said. “Every dime they can save helps them expand their operations, hire more employees, keep the door open and provide services to our communities. Too many times, the big corporations get all the incentives, while the small businesses, who don’t ship American jobs overseas while avoiding taxes, get forgotten. I wanted to do something about that and help encourage small business development.”
Presley said that the Commission will soon introduce a similar measure for existing small businesses. He said getting that measure passed would take more time, but hoped to have it completed within the next month.

The following rate incentives for job creation will go into effect on or before September 9, 2011
Entergy Mississippi, Inc.
•••Net Monthly Rate (base rate) reduced by 15% for 24 billing months for those who take service before December 31, 2012
••• Security deposit may be paid in 3 monthly installments and may substitute a surety bond or letter of credit for deposits of $2000 or more
••• Applies to new small businesses that open in buildings that have been unoccupied for at least preceding 6 months

Mississippi Power Company
••• Plan to be filed within the next few days

Atmos Energy Corporation
••• Customer charge and distribution charge (non-fuel charges) reduced by 25% for 12 billing months for those who take service before September 1, 2013
••• Security deposit is waived
••• Applies to any new customer account under the applicable commercial Rate Schedule 305

CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp.
•••Base rate (non-fuel charges) reduced by 15% for 12 billing months for those who take service before January 1, 2013
••• Security deposit reduced by 50% (CenterPoint already allows bonds and letters of
credit to secure deposit)
••• Applies to new small businesses that open in buildings that have been unoccupied
for at least preceding 6 months

Wilmut Gas & Oil Company
••• Entire customer charge (including fuel costs, excluding service charges) reduced by 7% for 1 year for those who take service before January 1, 2013
••• May substitute a surety bond or letter of credit for deposits
•••  Applies to new small businesses that open in buildings that have been unoccupied for at least preceding 6 months

Kemper plant: Yes or no?

May 4th, 2010 Comments off

The state Public Service Commission issued an order April 29 approving Mississippi Power Company’s $2.4 billion Kemper County clean coal plant – with conditions attached.

But Mississippi Power says the Commission has said no to the plant.

And at least two media outlets published erroneous stories saying the company has decided not to build the plant, while the Mississippi Business Journal correctly reported that MPC was mulling its options. And today a company official said MPC will file for a rehearing tomorrow.

How can such simple information be so complicated?

Central District Commissioner Lynn Posey said in an interview that the Commission had indeed approved the plant in its order, although he wished the conditions had been more lax. “I’m very much for the plant, and hopefully we can get that done,” Posey said.

MPC officials call attention to the Commission’s 50-page order on the plant which says the plant does not pass the state’s test for a certificate of public convenience and necessity but “explains how MPC can obtain Commission approval of its Petition.”

“It is very clear that the Commission found that the Kemper request did not warrant a certificate of public convenience and necessity. On page 48 of the Order in the FINDINGS paragraph, they describe the condition as being able to ensure that the ‘certificate, if granted, is consistent with the statute’s ‘public convenience and necessity’ test.’ The words ‘if granted obviously states that a certificate was not granted. Also, on page 49, the Commission expressly states that if Mississippi Power agrees to all the conditions, it will issue an order, certainly stating that they have not issued an order to date,” said Todd Terrell, company director of corporate communications, in a statement.

After April 29 Commission decision, MPC spokesperson Cindy Duvall issued this statement:

The Mississippi Public Service Commission denied Mississippi Power permission to construct the Kemper County IGCC Project.  (See p. 2 of today’s Order, Overview Section)

If the Company agrees with certain conditions within the next 20 days, then the Commission will consider whether the Company should be granted permission to proceed with the project.

The Commission conditions seem to make it impossible for Mississippi Power to finance or construct the Kemper County IGCC Project even if the right to construct had been – or might in the future – be allowed.

We are disappointed in this decision.

We put forth the best option available to us to meet our customers’ needs with reliable and affordable energy.”

The Clarion-Ledger published an Associated Press story with the headline “Utility nixes Kemper Co. plant,” and Bloomberg Businessweek said “Mississippi Power will not build coal-fired plant.” Along with the Mississippi Business Journal, Reuters got it right: “Mississippi Power ‘disappointed’ in state ruling.”