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MUW name needs to be changed; Legislature full of knotheads

February 2nd, 2010 Comments off

When I read this week that the Senate Universities and Colleges Committee took no vote on the bill that would have given the state College Board the authority to rename Mississippi University for Women, it made me wonder why the committee exists.

If this committee can’t take some type of action regarding an issue of changing the name of one of our universities, they should all resign their post.

Just make a decision, and don’t use a bunch of political dance steps to get around making a decision.

What a bunch of knotheads.

Outgoing MUW President Claudia Limbert announced in August that a new name — Reneau University — had been chosen for the Columbus campus.

Supporters of the change have said it’s needed to keep MUW viable.

Opponents of the bill have said marketing techniques — not the name — need to be changed.

Those opinions are both worthwhile.

Mine is that it is time for MUW’s name to change.

Mine is also that the Senate Universities and Colleges Committee should be emptied of personnel and restocked with people who can take up the business of the state’s universities and committees.

If a new group decides that MUW should keep its name, then fine.

But at least the body would have been doing its job.