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I don’t want no Democrat coroner touching my dead body

November 5th, 2009 Comments off

The reason for party affiliation in local politics, particularly in Mississippi, serves no purpose whatsoever.

The only thing I can figure is that it gives the people holding office an opportunity to rub shoulders with state and national politicians. Otherwise, there are very few issues on the local level that hold any importance in regard to political affiliation.

All local candidates are for education. They are for police and fire protection and good roads.

There is no political dividing line on those issues.

So, when a bunch of elected officials showed up in Jackson to announce their intentions to switch to the Republican Party, it made me scratch my old bald head.

There was a sherriff, a district attorney, a supervisor, a justice court judge, a constable, an alderman and a coroner.

Forgive me, but what in the name of Sam Hill does politics have to do with these positions, particularly in rural Simpson County?

Is there anyone out there that is concerned about the party affiliation of the local coroner?

“Hey honey, if I start to have a heart attack, make sure to take me to the next county, because I don’t want no Democrat coroner working on my dead body”

Give me a break.

Then there are judges.

Judges of any kind shouldn’t have political affiliation. Isn’t that a given?

And when supervisors are getting potholes filled in your area, make sure the Republicans get their roads fixed first; is that the way it works?

The recent announcement by the Simpson County officials is weak and self-serving, at best.

At worst, it shows they are worried more about political affiliation rather than serving the people of their community.