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1996 Top 40 Under 40 winners

Mark A. Adams
Francis Beidenharn
Mark S. Bounds
Scott Boyd
David Brevard
Keith Bridges
William Brock
B. Darrell Brown
Terry C. Burton
John H. Carney Jr.
Brad Cohen
Foster Ellis
Charles W. Farrior
Jerry Flowers
Hunter L. Fordice
Denton Gibbes
Dan Gibson
Gerard Gibert
Thomas Gresham
Susan B. Griffin
John Hatmaker
Joe D. Havens
William G. “Billy” Hewes III
Jamie Van Holder
J. Dan Holliday
Karen Kahler Holliday
Kevin Hunter
Barbara Joyce Kidd
Rick Looser
Bradley MacNealy
Alan Matthews
Douglas McDaniel
William Carroll Randle Jr.
Rosemary D. Roosa
Joe L. Stephens
Teresa Taylor
Larry D. Williams
Doug Wilson
Sally Wood
Dindy Haden Wright M.D.

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