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2000 Top 40 Under 40 winners

Kenneth R. “Ken” Adams
Frank Bradford Jr.
Thomas A. Byrne Jr.
Ann Fortenberry Corso
A. Wes Fulmer
Jennifer Gordon
Susan Robertson Guice
Kim McCall Haney
J. Leslie “Les” Hardin
John C. Hardy
John F. Hill
Michael Howard
Jaime Jimenez, M.D.
Howell R. Jones
Mary Ann Kirby
Peter G. Koury
Robin Cochran Kruger
James Craig Lowery, Ph.D.
Jill McClure Lowery
Wendy Mathews
Lauren King McGraw
Andrew B. “Andy” Mercier
Katrina Boyette Myricks
Maura B. Phillips
Celia A. Ryals
Jon Jeffrey Salem
Roger Kelvin Satcher
Kathy Shaw
Donald C. Simmons Jr., Ph.D.
Donna Addkison Simmons
Jennie McGee Simmons
Sherry Johnson Smith
Lance L. Stevens
Selena Swartzfager
Kenneth Thigpen
Vangela M. Wade
Earl Warren
W. Mark Wilder
William Yates III
William D. “Donnie” Young III

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