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2002 Top 40 Under 40 winners

Michael Barranco
William Bassett
Chuck Bearman
Chris Blount
Sherry Bullock
Chip Crane
Greg Davis
Kris Davis
Rodney DePriest
John Dinkins
Jeff Foster
Webster Franklin
Cora Gee
Lori Goodloe-Greer
Gary Hilton
Cindy Hodo
Jay Huffstatler
Dan Jordan
Lynn Ladner
Lynda Lesley
Julie McLemore
Cheryl Metrejean
Kiper Nelson
David Parker
Stacey Parker
Carlton Reeves
Michelle Roberts
Mark Rodgers
Joey Rogers
Debbie Shempert
Craig Shannon
Anthony Skjellum
Karen Speed
Gregory Thompson
Chip Triplett
Ron Ussery
Nick Walters
Lisa Wiley
Jamie Williams
Kelley Williams

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