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CARS program has clunky computers

Breaking news this afternoon about the Cash for Clunkers program. The deadline for consumers to receive a government voucher on their jalopy trade-in came and went last night, but problems remain.

The computer system the government uses to process rebate claims from dealers has crashed — again. The deadline for dealers to file a claim is 8 p.m. EDT today. The National Automobile Dealers Association says it’s considering asking for the deadline to be bumped back a second time. The original claims deadline was last night, but was extended because dealers couldn’t access the system due to high demand. NADA had made a prior request to extend the deadline until Aug. 31.

When the official computer of Magnolia Marketplace takes too long to load a sports blog, it’s annoying (and it’s happened too often this week already). To have untold amounts of money riding on a computer system functioning properly, and then it not doing so, is enough to inspire this.

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