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Entergy clarification

An update to a story that has been percolating for a couple years now: Entergy Mississippi’s new transmission building on West County Line Road in Jackson is nearly complete. I can personally vouch for that because the building in Echelon Business Park is right on the way to the ranch where my dad and I keep our Tennessee Walking Horses. I pass by it several times a week. Fine-looking place.

Anyway, a story in today’s Clarion-Ledger has caused some confusion in Entergy’s New Orleans office, said spokeswoman Mara Hartmann. Hartmann said the C-L’s story is accurate, based on the information she had when she was interviewed. I talked to Hartmann a few minutes ago, and things have changed slightly. Yes, 200 workers will eventually be employed at the new facility. Yes, about half of them are already here; and yes, the other half will trickle in through the end of 2010.

But not all of them will come from New Orleans or Baton Rouge. Rather, some will come from the company’s offices in Texas and Arkansas, as well. Those who choose not to relocate, according to Hartmann, can remain where they are and those jobs will be filled by folks most likely from the Jackson area. Folks at Entergy’s New Orleans office had raised an eyebrow or two, thinking they were losing 200 jobs to Jackson. Not the case.

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