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Health czar on the firing line

President Obama and his family are vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard this week. Obama’s health care reform czar, Nancy-Ann DeParle, probably wishes she had been invited.

DeParle was the target yesterday of governors who had a lot of questions about the health care reform package that has dominated the political conversation during the August Congressional recess. The discussion was part of the Southern Governors Association’s annual meeting in Virginia.

Specifically, the governors wanted to know how much the plan, if it becomes reality, will impact state budgets, small business bottom lines and how it will affect Medicaid eligibility. Pretty tough questions.

Gov. Haley Barbour, who was in attendance and has opposed the bill from the beginning, told DeParle that if states had to pay even a small portion of the cost of reforming health care, it would guarantee a tax increase, because states are so cash-strapped already.

The full story is here.

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