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Oil vulnerability

From the not-a-big-surprise department: The Natural Resources Defense Council has issued a report that says Mississippi is the most vulnerable state to high oil prices. Not much news there. The results are tallied based on the percentage of annual income a state’s population spends on gasoline. In Mississippi, we spend 9.14 percent, or $2702 yearly, of our money at the pump, tops in the nation. Coming in second was Montana, whose residents spend 8.07 percent, or $2762, of their annual income filling up. Folks in Connecticut spend only 3.24 percent of their cash on gas.

Mississippi, Montana and the other states at the top of the list have a couple of things in common: They’re all mostly rural states whose per capita incomes are among the lowest in the U.S. Add to that the dearth of urban areas with public transportation and it makes sense that Mississippi tops this list for the third year in a row. The complete list can be foundĀ here.

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