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Former Toyota counsel amends complaint

The budget hearings continue this afternoon at the Woolfolk Building, after a marathon session this morning, but Magnolia Marketplace is at the Official Magnolia Marketplace Cubicle working on some stuff for the paper edition of the Mississippi Business Journal. That doesn’t mean we can’t pass along some news.

I wrote a story for the Sept. 14 edition of the MBJ that detailed a former Toyota lawyer’s suit against the company. The attorney, who was the architect of the company’s defense against rollover lawsuits that were so popular several years ago, claimed that Toyota destroyed evidence and hindered his investigations into accidents, both of which allowed vehicles that did not meet federal roof crush standards to remain on the road.

In response to the lawsuit, Toyota issued a blistering statement that basically said Dimitrios Biller, the plaintiff, had failed to perform his duties while employed by the company and had “grossly mischaracterized” Toyota’s reporting to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In his response to the press release, Biller has filed an amendment to his original complaint that accuses Toyota of defaming him. The details are here.

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