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PSC hears from Mississippi Power, and a golf course opens

Is there anything better than the first sign of autumn? Yesterday evening just before sunset, as I made the final approach to the barn on the Official Horse of Magnolia Marketplace, the temperature had settled into the 60s and brought a welcome contrast to the broiler of the past few months. Swell. Just swell.

Anyway, there are a few items to pass along.

I’ve been meaning to post this since Friday, but it has somehow escaped the to-do list. Lake Caroline Golf Club, which is reopening after lying dormant for two  years, rolls out the welcome mat tomorrow. Randy Watkins bought the place and has been refurbishing the course and clubhouse the past few months. Kyle Sisk, Caroline’s director of golf and an Official Friend of Magnolia Marketplace, has worn just about every hat imaginable as he oversees the day-to-day operations, refereeing subcontractors and groundskeepers, coordinating a marketing campaign and squeezing in a few hours’ sleep.

The course looks ready. After a sneak preview  Saturday, Magnolia Marketplace is proud to report the clubhouse is ready and the LCD televisions on the wall project college football games beautifully. Well done, Messrs. Watkins and Sisk.

The Mississippi Public Service Commission and Mississippi Power Co. will tee it up next week. The Commission will hold Phase I hearings on the company’s petition to seek a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for its Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle plant in Kemper County.

The IGCC plant, says the company, would capture 65 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and employ lignite to power the process. Mississippi Power estimates the $2.2 billion project would generate 260 jobs once it came online. Ideally, the company would like to begin construction next year and begin operations at the plant in 2014. That might be a tad optimistic, because several environmental groups, including the Mississippi chapter of the Sierra Club, oppose the plant and would probably challenge it in court.

The hearings run Monday through Thursday next week in the PSC’s courtroom on the first floor of the Woolfolk Building.

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