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FY2010 budget cut — again

Another Friday, another round of budget cuts.

Exactly two weeks after he cut the fiscal year 2010 budget for the third time, Gov. Haley Barbour cut it again this afternoon.

Today’s trim takes $21 million out of appropriated revenues, bringing the total cuts for FY2010 up to $458.5 million.

January was the 17th consecutive month that revenues had fallen short of projections, and Barbour said this afternoon that today’s cuts were “optimistic,” and that it was almost guaranteed ┬ámore would be necessary.

After exemptions, which include debt service, court-ordered settlements and — as of early this week, due to an interpretation of the State Constitution — the Supreme Court, FY2010’s revenue has been reduced by 8.664 percent.

Barbour has come under fire for his handling of the budget, particularly from Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives for his refusal to tap into the state’s rainy day fund.

Barbour said of the three revenue estimation models his office uses in deciding how much to cut, he has used the model that calls for cutting the least amount of money, which has forced him to make additional cuts once monthly revenue collections come up short, like they have for the past year and a half .

“If there’s a criticism, it’s that we’re not cutting enough,” Barbour said.

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