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News out of Japan says Toyota will recall 2010 Prius

Toyota, which supposedly will build its hybrid Prius at some point in Blue Springs, has not had the greatest month.

Seven of the company’s models, totaling more than 5 million vehicles, have been recalled the past two weeks because of issues with accelerators sticking.

Now comes news from Japan — where it’s already Friday so the daily newspapers have hit the Web and the streets — that the company is expected to recall the 2010 Prius because of problems with the car’s antilock braking system. The Nikkei, the Japanese version of the Wall Street Journal, reports that the Japanese Transport Ministry has yet to receive notice of a formal recall, which would have to happen before anything became official. There have been a total of only 180 complaints in the U.S. and Japan associated with the Prius’s brakes, but the falloutf rom the first round of recalls has probably magnified the issue somewhat.

We’ll have reaction from statesode Toyota folks first thing in the morning.

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