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10-Day forecast: Football

Magnolia Marketplace is a weather fanatic.

High on the rotation of websites we visit daily is weather.com; lately, it’s been nothing but bad news. Heat. Humidity. Extreme amounts of both.

Today’s 10-day forecast offers precious relief, though. The temperatures will still surge into the 90s, but the humidity will supposedly loosen up. The really good news, though, comes at the end of the latest 10-day outlook.

Sept. 2’s conditions will be much like the nine days before it — 90-something for a high and 70-something for a low, with a lot of sunshine and little chance of rain.

But Sept. 2 has something no other date does — the right to call itself college football’s Opening Day. If calendar days could win the equivalent of a Heisman, Sept. 2 would be the odds-on favorite.

Southern Mississippi will play at South Carolina next Thursday night, Sept. 2. Since this is a business blog, we should probably include some numbers-based analysis of the game. So here you go: Las Vegas has installed the Gamecocks as a 14-point favorite. Not that anybody is paying attention to the point spread (of course not), but that seems too large. Just sayin’.

Congratulations, Sept. 2. You win — before you even arrive — the title of Best Day of the Year So Far.

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    Not sure I agree with everything here, but it was still interesting reading that. Thanks.

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