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Despite weather, The Depot thrives

The Depot Memorial charity golf tournament was rained out this weekend.

That’s about the only thing that went wrong.

Held at Windance Golf Club in Gulfport, and named after the former bar by the railroad tracks, The Depot has become a popular draw in its five years. This was Magnolia Marketplace’s second year to participate in it.

The rainy weather didn’t completely kill the tournament. A putting contest broke out in the Windance clubhouse, with a coffee mug serving as the cup. The door prizes were still given away, and the food and beverages got consumed. Depot organizers said 80 golfers showed up.

Its obligations to its participants met, The Depot still managed to fulfill its most important promise: benefitting Feed My Sheep, a faith-based organization that provides physical and spiritual nourishment to the Coast’s needy.

Geoffrey Knesal, an assistant project manager for Roy Anderson Corp. and one of The Depot’s organizers, said earlier today that the tournament set a record for contributions, and donated $10,000 to Feed My Sheep.

“We are very excited about the donation we’re able to make to a very worthy charity down here on the coast,” Knesal said. “We received nothing but positive feedback from all of the participants and can’t wait to start planning for next year.”

Lord willing, Magnolia Marketplace will be there. The Depot has become one of our favorite handful of events of the calendar year, and we wouldn’t miss it.

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