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Spectrum ends pursuit of SEC Baseball Tournament

We meant to get to this yesterday, but Gov. Haley Barbour releasing the special session call took up most of the afternoon.

Spectrum Events, a division of Spectrum Capital and the outfit that was pursuing the SEC Baseball Tournament for Trustmark Park in Pearl, announced on its Twitter page that it was dropping its bid for the Tournament.

The reason given was that Trustmark Park did not meet the minimum seating requirement of 10,000. Magnolia Marketplace had spent a lot of time researching the story we did on Spectrum’s pursuit of the Tournament a few weeks ago, and in our conversations with the SEC, a minimum seating requirement never came up.

So we called Craig Mattox, the SEC’s associate commissioner for championships, this morning and asked him if such a thing existed. It does not.

“That’s inaccurate for (Spectrum) to say that,” Mattox said.

Mattox did say that preference would be given to stadiums that could seat at least 10,000 people, but a capacity less than that would not automatically preclude it from consideration.

“We wouldn’t have gotten three or four bids (with a capacity minimum),” Mattox said. “We would have hurt ourselves if we did that.”

When we first spoke with Mattox for the original story, he said Mississippi’s flag — specifically, the Confederate emblem in the upper left corner — would be a factor when it came time to weigh Trustmark Park’s virtues. He even said that if came down to Pearl and another city, with all things being equal, the flag would make the SEC’s decision for it, in favor of Pearl’s competition.

Whether that had anything to do with Spectrum’s decision is anybody’s guess. We have a message in to Spectrum. When we hear back, we’ll post their response.

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  1. Franklin
    August 25th, 2010 at 20:12 | #1

    lmao.a flag?? well ask them if they have a problem with the racist American flag, it flew over slavery for over 100 years before the south adopted Old Dixie..

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