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Eminent domain sure to be hot campaign topic

Mississippi Farm Bureau President David Waide has told a couple Mississippi media outlets the past few days that supporters of an eminent domain initiative are getting really close to gathering enough signatures to put the issue on the 2011 ballot.

With Waide telling a newspaper in Tupelo that enough signatures have been gleaned from three of the four required Congressional districts, it would be a surprise at this point if organizers did not meet the Oct. 6 deadline to submit their documents to the secretary of state’s office.

The notion that government can use eminent domain to benefit a private enterprise is one of the most contentious political issues Magnolia Marketplace has covered. It is a near certainty that it will be a major talking point for statewide candidates next year.

The most interesting dynamic will likely play out on the Republican side of the field. Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, who will run for governor in 2011, did not strongly commit one way or another on the issue during the 2009 session, when the Senate narrowly upheld Gov. Barbour’s veto of a bill that would have restricted the use of eminent domain to projects of public interest, like roads and utilities. It would have been really interesting if the sustain/override vote in the Senate would have required Bryant to break a tie. He’s probably glad it didn’t.

Barbour spent many hours and a lot of energy lobbying lawmakers after he vetoed the legislation, which originally passed both chambers easily. It didn’t garner a single nay in the Senate, clearing that body 52-0. The crux of Barbour’s argument was that things like Toyota and Nissan would not be here if the state were not allowed to use eminent domain during the development of each.

Waide told the Mississippi Business Journal earlier in the summer that he expected enough signatures to arrive some time in September, and that timeline looks like it will be met. Voters will most likely decide the issue next fall. This is one of those issues where candidates will have to go all in or all out. There is no comfortable middle ground. The landowners’ rights lobby and economic development groups both have deep pockets and big voting blocs. Alienating either is never a good campaign strategy, so candidates have a tough decision to make.

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    I agree that there seems to be no middle ground here. I think most of the general public agrees that proper use of eminent domain for transportation is acceptable. However, using it for private industry or “economic development” is a very touchy subject. Moral judgments then have to be applied once you cross over into the private sector. Personally, I believe the Nissan plant is a great addition to our state and local economy. The question is, where do you draw the line? The American public is already wary of “backroom political deals”. I’m sure this topic just conjures up images of developers with deep pockets garnering the political support they need to make their project happen. The penetration and availability of the internet combined with traditional media coverage should keep this type of political behavior at bay but, unfortunately, a large section of the American public still has a very tough time trusting our elected officials to do what’s right. And in this case, what is right? You can see a valid argument from both sides. I definitely don’t envy the position these guys are in.

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