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Pledge is the new Contract

Magnolia Marketplace was in the 9th grade in the fall of 1994, so we had no idea then what the Contract with America meant. The only contract we worried about was negotiating a deal with  the parents that would produce a vehicle that was all ours.

Sixteen years later, Republicans are dusting off the broad outline of its Contract with America and rebranding it as the Pledge to America. Different name (barely). Same principles (in fact, nearly identical).

Both plans were unveiled while there was a Democratic president in the White House who wasn’t very popular with anybody at the time, and when the economy wasn’t exactly blazing. Both seek to capitalize on voter fears and frustrations — whether they’re real or perceived — and stake Republicans to power in the halls of Congress. Both hit on general themes of fewer taxes and less government.

The Contract worked in 1994, launching the national political career of then-Rep. Roger Wicker and making current Gov. Haley Barbour, who was RNC head at the time, one of the most powerful and important members the GOP had seen since Ronald Reagan. He’s still considered such, probably more so than ever.

Predicting voter behavior isn’t easy, so who knows if the Pledge will prove as effective as the Contract. But you can be guaranteed that even though political winds will shift, they’ll eventually all blow in the same direction.

  1. Donnie Mccowan
    September 23rd, 2010 at 23:50 | #1

    The contract with America is just political rhetoric. If these politicians were buisness men we would not be in this mess. as far as prez. obama, how can he take us from the gates of financial hell to prosperity in 18 months is beyond me . i give a satisfactory grade for his efforts. not all of his agenda has worked but can you imagine the auto industry collapsing, or banks collapsing more than they did. this all started for me after 9/11 after seeing mu annuties starting to dry up. my wife and i lost home, and all of our 401-k savings and we were doing every thing right until our incomes dissolved. both parties play who-dunnit rather than lets fix it. However the republicans own this financial failure yet they now say their ideas can fix it even they don’t go public with those ideas. our political climate in this country is no better than the politics of Iraq and afghanistan.

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