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Bulldogs continue winning streak over Rebels with Pontotoc’s Tailgate Challenge

It’s football season, which means it’s tailgating season.

Things are already getting serious in Pontotoc. The Pontotoc County Chamber of Commerce and the Pontotoc Main Street Association held the first Rebel/Bulldog Tailgate Challenge Saturday on the town’s courthouse square.

The Challenge was essentially a barbecue cooking contest, with teams split into supporters of either Mississippi State or Ole Miss. Teams competed in four categories — ribs, chicken, pork and vegetables. Scores from each team were accumulated and applied to either Ole Miss or State. State won, and received a trophy for doing so. No word yet if there’s a billboard planned to mark the victory.

Moving on, there is a new industry organization that caters to businesses that cater to tailgaters. That could potentially be a wide range of places — grocery stores, gas stations, home improvement places, even furniture stores. The Tailgating Industry Association works like other trade organizations: Members pay a fee and the association markets, promotes and otherwise tries to make its members money.

The Association’s website doesn’t have a list of members, but it does list a fee schedule: Manufacturers and suppliers with less than $2 million in annual revenue pay $500 annually. That number increases based on annual sales, and is capped at $2,500. Media outlets can join for $250. (The Mississippi Business Journal will not be joining.)

Check out the TIA’s website here.


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