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PSC issues record fine against telemarketers

The Mississippi Public Service Commission voted 3-0 Tuesday morning to levy $5.7 million in fines for four telemarketers for violating the state’s No Call Law.

It’s the largest fine since the law took effect in 2003.

Two companies and an individual, all based in Arizona, were hit with fines totaling $5.7 million. Press releases from Northern District Commissioner Brandon Presley and Southern District Commissioner Leonard Bentz said the telemarketers had been the target of nearly 400 complaints ranging from failing to register with the PSC to calling people on the No Call List to calling outside appointed times.

“I intend to collect this debt by any means possible, whether it is by fines, or by taking any assets,” Bentz said.

Said Presley: “We are serious about enforcing the Mississippi Do-Not-Call law and protecting the people of our state from unwanted telemarketing calls.”

To compare, in May the Commission fined a California man and his companies $945,000 for 189 violations of the No Call Law. Last month, a single violation cost a Nevada company $20,000.