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Initial work on Tanglefoot Trail entering last stages

Work on the 44-mile Tanglefoot Trail has reached Chickasaw County, where it will end in downtown Houston.

The recreational trail, which runs from New Albany to Houston, is the old Gulf Mobile and Ohio railroad. It’s modeled after South Mississippi’s Longleaf Trace, and is expected to have a similar economic impact, estimated at $5 million annually, and mainly driven by users, estimated at 100,000 per year.

The prospects of development around the trail have officials in Union, Pontotoc and Chickasaw counties excited. To go about that as smartly as possible, Mississippi State University’s Carl Small Town Center is running test scenarios related to different methods of growing the adjacent areas. Researchers are using first-of-its-kind software to determine best-case scenarios. Details can be found in this Mississippi Business Journal story from September.

The Chickasaw Journal, one of the MBJ’s sister publications, has the details on the trail entering its final stages of preliminary construction here. Its opening is scheduled for late spring or early summer 2013.

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