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Toyota to unveil new safety features in upcoming models

Toyota has developed what the company calls a Pre-Collision System designed to help mitigate automobile collisions, even those that occur at high speeds.

The new system uses millimeter-wave radar that detects the risk of rear-end collisions with a preceding vehicle, the company said in a press release. The PCS warns the driver using sound and display alerts to hit the brakes once a risk is detected.

Once a driver depresses the brakes, the system kicks in with its own brake pressure that is twice what is normally applied. That enables vehicle deceleration up to four times faster than normal.

The PCS was developed for a wide range of Toyota’s vehicles, and will be launched in some of the company’s upcoming models. The company didn’t say whether the Corolla, which is made in Blue Springs, will be one.

Toyota has also started operations at its new Intelligent Transport System proving ground at its headquarters in Japan.

The nine-acre proving round simulates an urban environment, complete with replicated streets and traffic signals, and is equipped with a road-to-vehicle communications system that detects other vehicles and pedestrians.

The course, Toyota says, will speed up the company’s research and development of systems designed to improve fuel efficiency and allow for safer driving, especially in urban areas with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

The proving ground R&D will also include next-generation cooperative systems between vehicles and infrastructure, similar to the communications systems in place that allow for interaction between cars and intersections with poor visibility.

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