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DuPont signs new lease at state port

DuPont has signed a 30-year lease at the Mississippi State Port of Gulfport that could keep the company there a total of 60 years.

The Mississippi State Port Authority announced the move Thursday. The 30-year lease has three, 10-year renewal options.

Under the agreement, DuPont will relocate its current ore receiving and storage operation to the southern end of the west pier.

Port director Jonathan Daniels said in a press release the pact requires DuPont to increase its annual tonnage a minimum of 29 percent.

“This expansion will certainly support our restoration efforts and job growth at the Port of Gulfport and DuPont’s DeLisle facility.

The new ore receiving and storage unit, whose construction is scheduled to start next year, will serve DuPont’s facility in DeLisle, which has been in operation since 1979. The facility produces titanium dioxide used in paints, inks, paper, textile fibers and plastics.

The Port Commission will contribute between $23 million and $80 million in construction costs.

“The DuPont expansion and long term lease at the Port of Gulfport shows the company’s confidence in the long term potential of the port,” said Mississippi Development Authority executive director Brent Christensen. “As we continue to invest in the port, we expect to see more companies take DuPont’s lead and expand or locate their operations at the facility, creating more job opportunities for Mississippi workers.”

  1. July 16th, 2013 at 10:44 | #1

    Good for DuPont and the Port! The expansion of TiO2 will help paint a lot of houses.

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