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Baria: ‘Military-type stuff’ surrounding Boston manhunt

April 19th, 2013 No comments

One Coast lawmaker’s trip to Boston has taken a turn for the weird.

Rep. David Baria, D-Bay St. Louis, his wife and daughter arrived last night. Baria said in an interview Friday morning that his wife had a conference in the city, and his daughter wanted to visit a few of the area colleges and universities.

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A manhunt for at least one of the remaining Boston Marathon bombing suspects changed those plans. Late Thursday night into Friday morning, Massachusetts and federal authorities were still searching for a 19-year-old Chechen man who they said was armed and extremely dangerous, possibly possessing explosives and at least one assault weapon.

Because of that, a “shelter-in-place” order has been issued, forcing residents and those in for a visit to the Boston area to stay locked indoors.

Baria and his family’s shelter is a hotel in Copley Square, where two explosions detonated Monday near the Marathon’s finish line. The Barias arrived in Boston Thursday night, with some trepidation because of what happened Monday, he said.

“And then about 5:30 (Friday) morning, I started to hear dogs barking outside the hotel,” Baria said in a phone interview. “And I thought that was strange because were definitely in what you would consider a downtown area. But I turned on the TV and figured out pretty quick that it was probably police K9s.”

Baria said there were armored law enforcement vehicles staked outside his hotel window. All forms of public transit have been halted. He and his daughter had two appointments — one of them at nearby Harvard — scheduled today. “I mean theres military-type stuff all over the place. Maybe they’ll find this guy and the schools will open back up this afternoon,” he said. “Until then, I’m definitely going to follow instructions and stay in place.”