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DRA unveils report tracking economic, social trends in the Delta

November 14th, 2012 No comments

The Delta Regional Authority released Wednesday Today’s Delta, a report that seeks to provide a snapshot of economic, health, social and education indicators for the region that includes parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri.

“This report gives us a tangible understanding of the perceptions that we have of the Delta region, which are compared to the realities that our communities and our people face,” said DRA federal co-chairman Chris Masingill.

The report surveys the education levels of Delta workers, follows population changes in the region, tracks poverty levels among families and seniors, measures personal income and charts health statistics like obesity and diabetes rates.

The entire document is 32 pages, but just more than half that contains actual data. The rest is cover letters, summaries and the like. It can be viewed here.

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