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Want MyCar video? You’re in luck

June 5th, 2012 No comments

If you’ve read this week’s issue of the Mississippi Business Journal, you probably saw on the cover the news that GreenTech Automotive will launch the MyCar July 6 in Horn Lake.

It’s the first tangible product GreenTech will have since the company’s arrival in Mississippi a couple years ago. (Plans for the Tunica facility include starting production there late next year. The company isn’t saying what the facility will produce.)

The MyCar isn’t street legal in the U.S., meaning you couldn’t, for instance, commute from Fondren to Downtown Jackson in it. You could, however, go from one neighborhood house to another. That’s a big reason why a lot of the MyCars will be sold overseas initially, where they are more common and less frowned upon legally.

Included with the story is a photo of the MyCar. For a better understanding of its size, look and capability, click here. It’s a video from an event in Bornholm, Denmark, in 2010 that features a lot of talking by GTA chairman Terry McAuliffe — who political folks will recognize as former head of the Democratic National Committee — but does offer some pretty good footage of the MyCar.

GTA plans to hold some kind of ceremony July 6, when it launches the MyCar in Horn Lake. It most likely won’t be as audacious as Toyota’s kickoff last November. Nevertheless, the MBJ plans on being there.

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