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Intuit dropping the ball with switch to Mint

August 16th, 2010 No comments

Intuit, the personal finance software company that has done a lot of good things, is in the middle of doing a bad one.

On Aug. 29, Intuit will shut down Quicken, the software that basically serves as a checkbook on your computer. Taking its place is Mint, which is supposed to serve the same purpose but doesn’t.

There’s no comparison between the two. Quicken is easy. Mint is clumsy. Quicken allows you to post and keep track of recurring expenses. Mint does not. Quicken shows what your real balance is after those recurring expenses. Mint does not.

Quicken is superior. Mint is inferior.

So why is the better product on the way out? I’ve asked Mint’s online support that three times. Each time, I get the canned response full of corporate buzzwords like “efficiency, customer experience” blah blah blah.

My experience with Quicken, over the past few years, has made personal finance probably as pain-free as it can get. The few times I’ve forced myself to use Mint — to get ready for the switch — have been frustrating to the point I get angry and give up. There’s no way to rationalize this. Eliminating Quicken in favor of Mint is total nonsense.

It’s not too late, Intuit. Admit the mistake you’re making. Call off the switch. Better yet, eliminate Mint and keep Quicken.

Doing anything else is corporate stupidity.

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