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4KTurkey seeks donations for Jackson’s Stewpot

November 15th, 2012 No comments

A group of Fondren residents and business owners came up with an idea last year to serve as secret Santas at local retailers’ layaway counters.

They surprised folks picking up layaway items with cash to put toward whatever it was they were buying. The event took off on Twitter and Facebook, eventually catching the attention of Jackson television station WLBT.

This year, the same folks are using their generous energy to feed the homeless a Thanksgiving meal at Stewpot.

Dubbed 4KTurkey, the effort hopes to raise $4,000 between Thursday and Saturday to buy 30,000 pounds of food for Stewpot, a Jackson soup kitchen, to serve on Thanksgiving. The figures come from Stewpot, which estimates that it can buy 50 pounds of food for every $20 it raises.

Eddie Outlaw, co-owner of William Wallace Salon, said the idea for 4KTurkey started almost as soon as the secret Santa project ended.

“We were all googley and high on the Christmas spirit. We were talking about doing something for the Stewpot food drive. This kind of coincided with the 31st anniversary of the Stewpot Pantry Raid,” Outlaw said, referring to Stewpot’s annual food drive.

To contribute, cash and check donations can be dropped off at William Wallace Salon in Fondren on Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and on Saturday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m..

If you can’t make it there, donations are taken at Outlaw and others who organized 4KTurkey ask that you include the project’s official Twitter hashtag — #4KTurkey — in the comments section of the website’s donation box. “Stewpot is going to run a report for us every day that’ll let us know where we stand as far as reaching the goal,” Outlaw said.

“I think we have our own selfish reasons for doing this,” he continued. “We love to come up with a project like this and get in it knee-deep. We thought it was a great time to acknowledge that while most of us on Thanksgiving will be in a warm house, stuffing ourselves silly, there are people who will depend on Stewpot for a meal that day.”


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