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If failure is the objective at Ole Miss, Dungy is the perfect candidate

November 22nd, 2011 No comments

This past Saturday morning started as well as any day could.

It was deer season’s first day that allowed the use of guns. I watched the sunrise in a treestand. I was happy.

And then I got a text message at 8:30, from an Ole Miss buddy, one of those types who always seems willing to pass along a rumor, however outrageous it is. “Tony Dungy to Ole Miss?” it read.

I nearly laughed out loud (LOL’ed, in the Internet parlance of our time). And then I heard it again Monday, from a different person. And yet again Tuesday morning from a different person whose monetary contributions to Ole Miss offer access most folks don’t have.

Do I believe it? No. Do I want to believe it? A thousand times, no. It would be a huge mistake, unless you enjoy watching Ole Miss fail at football. Then it would be awesome.

So if the goal of the coaching search is to hire a man who hits a grand slam in name recognition but will absolutely be a disaster in the actual nuts and bolts of coaching — and most importantly, recruiting — at a small school in the SEC, then by all means, Dungy is the guy.

Because Ole Miss gets QBs like Peyton Manning nearly every year.