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Old reliable eye test proves that economic conditions on the rise

January 31, 2012

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Turn off your television, and look out the window. When it comes to television and print media, pessimism rules the day. Natural disasters, political scandals, and gloomy economic forecasts make for good media play. Rubbernecking is the ultimate spectator sport, as we flock to the source of the sordid, sad, and ugly. Technology allows us […]

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Mississippi is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma

January 24, 2012

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Mississippi is a paradox. On the one hand, our history is littered with the horrors of racial strife. On the other hand, we really are the hospitality state, welcoming all kinds to our fair country. We talk bad about illegal immigrants, then invite them in for coffee. We sing about Jesus on Sunday, while we […]

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It’s time to admit we have to change ways

January 12, 2012


While the jobs numbers are improving, it’s not enough, especially here in Mississippi. We have long fought the battle to bring jobs to the state. OUR numbers have been against us: low scores on our education system, high numbers on the dropout rate, high poverty rates, low growth in population, limits on urban areas. This […]

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Don’t expect to see Barbour resting in his life after the mansion

January 5, 2012


Haley Barbour is ready for a life of retirement– golf, bouncing grandchildren on his knee, more golf, speechifying and lobbying. As Barbour hangs up his hat as governor of Mississippi, he will transition to a different type of life. After all, he’s 64 years old. It’s time for him to give up the nine to […]

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