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Economic news more nuance than extreme

June 24, 2012


The retail report for May put a damper on economic hopes. For two consecutive months, retail sales fell. With about two-thirds of our economy dependent on consumer spending, this could be an ominous sign. With every bit of economic news released, there is a corresponding headline. It’s either screaming good news, or it’s screaming bad […]

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Here’s some surprising news on who is receiving those evil stimulus dollars

June 15, 2012


Mississippi is a red state. Blood red. Come November, there will be no doubt which column our 6 electoral votes slide into. In fact, blue people are wasting their time going to the polls. Mississippi is no swing state, not even close! Head into any barber shop or beauty shop (not in the African American […]

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Bring back the draft: Don’t we all owe it to our country?

June 11, 2012


A  few weeks ago, we headed to Canton to sit in on a taping of Thacker Mountain Radio. It was a great evening on the square as people of all ages congregated for a night of music and community. The event coincided with the celebration of Armed Services Day. Representatives from each of the armed […]

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Higher prices at the pump mean a better global economy

June 4, 2012


Gas prices are falling. Thank goodness! Something happens to my psyche when the number at the pump goes over $50, and I have a fuel efficient car and a short commute. Nationally, we only spend about 6 percent of our income on all energy. That includes transportation costs. In Mississippi, the number is a bit […]

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