Here’s some surprising news on who is receiving those evil stimulus dollars

June 15, 2012


Nancy Anderson, columnist

Mississippi is a red state. Blood red. Come November, there will be no doubt which column our 6 electoral votes slide into. In fact, blue people are wasting their time going to the polls. Mississippi is no swing state, not even close!

Head into any barber shop or beauty shop (not in the African American community) and you’ll hear folks ranting about government. The deficit’s too big. We’re spending too much. Our taxes are too high. Mention the $787 billion stimulus package, and you’ll get an earful about wasted money. Why, everyone knows it didn’t work!

But I’m the curious type, never content to believe a sound bite or headline. When the stimulus package was passed in 2009, part of the deal was an auditing and reporting process that tracked expenditures. Go to, plug in your zip code, and you can see actual jobs and expenditures in your area.

Our very red state has been awarded $2.8 billion for various projects across the state. You can look at a recipient list to see the beneficiaries of these dollars. Cities, counties, school districts, and universities lined up for their piece of the pie.

Jackson received $446 million. Gulfport got $102 million. University of Southern Mississippi pocketed a cool $20 million. My own Clinton, Mississippi, home to 25,000 people, received $5.3 million dollars. Redder-than-red Tupelo received $6.2 million. Tiny little Decatur, with about 1500 citizens, walked away with $883,000.

Many of those dollars were then passed on to private contractors, but many private businesses also received direct payments from the federal government. Fordice Construction (doesn’t get any redder than this!) was awarded $3.3 million. Gephart Electric boosted their revenues by $2.9 million thanks to Uncle Sam. Even Ducks Unlimited managed to wrest $1.1 million from the government coffers.

I don’t blame folks for getting their share of business from the unpopular piece of legislation. I just blame them for mouthing off the whole time their hands are out. How do you scream about government spending when you’re the one getting the government dollars?

It reminds me of my own blood coursing through my veins. If I cut my hand, the drops flowing forth will be bright red. But as I put my hand out, I see that when that blood is put into my veins and covered with flesh and bone, it looks blue.

Mississippi is the same way. Cut us, and we bleed bright red. But as we live our daily lives in the flesh, we sure do look like blue bloods!

 >> Nancy Lottridge Anderson, Ph.D., CFA, is president of New Perspectives Inc. in Ridgeland — (601) 991-3158. She is also an assistant professor of finance at Mississippi College. Her e-mail address is, and her website is

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6 Responses to “Here’s some surprising news on who is receiving those evil stimulus dollars”

  1. msu_scrappy Says:

    You know, that’s a really good article. Well put. And I like the use of human blood (red vs. blue) as part of the story line. People complain about the government in Mississippi in terms of spending, taxes, and infringing on their rights, but people in Mississippi (republicans and conservatives; democrats and liberals) certainly don’t mind using the government to get what they want.

  2. Wade Wymer Says:

    Yes, the folks you mentioned received the money but what did it stimulate? Please follow-up and continue this story. Was every dollar turned three times? How many people still have the job created? How much tax revenue was returned from the income provided? How many people were made whole and no longer live on subsistence, live on the streets, or stand in soup lines?

    Did the money provide new jobs or did it line the pockets of more politicians and liberal ideals? It is one thing to distribute the money, totally another to make it work. Additionally, in this world of “you owe me a living” one should always consider where those funds came from… The Federal Government coffer is not a money tree. Someone has to fill the pot that gets tipped into the hands of those who do not, will not, or cannot produce.

    The essential question is not the color of your blood. It has long been established that your color and my color, and the color of blood pumping in the people in the African American Community is all the same. The essential question is why does the Government have to be the savior? Why does the Government have to be the source of your subsidence? Why does everyone in this country EXPECT “the Government to bail him or her out of every jam, hardship, malady, or self-inflicted paper cut?

    Work America! Follow the lead of the author, MS Anderson. She earned her PHD, what made her different? Her opportunity? Her skin color? Her drive? Nope, I think it was her hard work and dedication. I do not know her, but I do know to earn a PhD is not an easy task. Others should follow her example and stop depending on the Government to solve their problems and make for them a better life. You and I are not “entitled” just because we breathe.

    A true Mississippian (blue or red) should be fishing for their own food (i.e. way in life) and stop waiting for someone to hand them a fish. There is a motto on a sign in Clinton… “Ideas do not work unless you do.” Just because there is money given to a person or a company it does not follow that that money has is being used wisely.

    Not Blue, not Red… just people who should do what is right for the future of this great country… Don’t mortgage your future or my future for a handout today. Always figure out how we will pay for the things that we want… If the budget was balanced, if we had a Federal budget, if we paid our bills, then it would be different… But when your checkbook is empty, don’t keep spending… Tighten your belt, stop having children you cannot pay for, quit smoking, and drinking and doing drugs you cannot afford, stop sitting in front of your big screen TV and putting wheels on your car that cost more than your house… and realize that these things are not needs but simply wants…

    The social experiment of Communism and Socialism have failed. They do not work. The only thing that works in the end is personal responsibility, personal drive, personal contributions, and sacrificing wants today for needs; not the other way around.


  3. Bob Lewis Says:


    Excellent piece. I stand slightly to the right of Attila the Hun and write a newsletter named “Rightly So” but I agree wholeheartedly with your conclusion. Don’t talk the talk if you don’t walk the walk. I look forward to reading more from you.

    Cap’n Bob

  4. John Brodbeck Says:

    If you hand out $100 bill on a street corner, most will take that money. I don’t blame those who take the money; because it easy to take free money. But I do blame those politicians who give free money to get re-elected. This president has spent $5 trillion that my children and grand-children will have to pay back. His plan is to add a $1 TRILLION each year for the next decade. If the rate of interest goes to the Jimmy Carter rate, the interest on those $26 TRILLION will be $3.9 TRILLION

  5. Nancy Anderson Says:


    The President didn’t “spend” $5 trillion. Expenditures for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid were already committed before the recession. These were put into place years ago. $3 trillion of the deficit is directly due to the recession– lost revenue because of declines in tax revenue. It wasn’t “new” spending that got us into hot water. It was already voted on spending while revenue was drying up that really put us in a bind.

  6. Kathy Anderson Goss Says:

    I just found your site; thanks for your articles. I also notice how Mississippi folks trek to the polls and vote against their own interests–economically, educationally, and health wise.

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