Rep. Andy Gipson a 19th century man with 19th century ideas on guns

May 1, 2013


Nancy Anderson, MBJ contributing columnist

Nancy Anderson, MBJ contributing columnist

I know Mississippi Rep. Andy Gipson. He’s a really nice guy, has a nice family, very sweet people. You’ve heard the phrase, “He’s a renaissance man?” Doesn’t apply to Andy. Instead, I’d call him a solid nineteenth century man, as in “His feet are solidly planted in the 1800s.”

When I knew Andy, he lived on family land in rural Mississippi. He built a cabin on the property. It had no electricity or running water, just a good pioneer abode for a pioneer kind of guy. Andy needed a wife to make his life complete. While Andy is a fine-looking specimen of a man, you could imagine the response of prospective brides upon seeing the cabin. They ran as fast as they could!

So it’s no big surprise that Andy supports a gun law that allows folks to carry weapons in public without so much as a permit, because in Andy’s nineteenth century world, there are still Indians and bandits and wild game to be encountered with every trip into town.

Now I have no problem with anyone who wants to stay stuck in the nineteenth century. After all, this is America! We can each choose to live exactly as we please—as long as it doesn’t encroach upon our neighbors. And that’s where I part ways with Andy.

Allowing anyone and everyone to walk around with guns exposes ME to risk. If you want to walk around your house and your property with your gun on your hip, have at it! But when you enter the public square, you enter the twenty-first century. We have police and highway patrol and a solid set of laws for protection. We also have unstable people who can get their hands on weapons that could clear the OK Corral in a matter of seconds. Fast Draw McGraw would be no match.

So, Mr. Gipson, with all due respect, check your calendar. And stop trying to impose your way of life and viewpoint on the modern citizens of Mississippi. Oh, and say “hello” to the Missus.

» Nancy Lottridge Anderson, Ph.D., CFA, is President of New Perspectives, Inc., in Ridgeland, 601-991-3158. She is also an Assistant Professor of Finance at Mississippi College. Her e-mail address is, and her website is

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4 Responses to “Rep. Andy Gipson a 19th century man with 19th century ideas on guns”

  1. Cabby Byrne Says:

    A cowboy mentality to use boots to lure a. new business to MS is one thing but Nancy is on track about the cavalier approach to packing a modern day six shooter. Terrorism maintains its power in its ability to create fear. The mindset that promotes luring gun manufacturers to MS and freedom to take the gun out of the rack into schools, churches, and frantic ball games plays right into fear makers intents..

  2. CoastalConservative Says:

    I will take Rep. Gibson’s 19th century conservative world view over Ms.Anderson’s 21st century Progressive world view any day of the week.

    If you will take a look at the Constitution of the United States, you might note the 2nd Amendment. We have a right to bear arms….which shall not be abridged.

    In Mississippi, a permit is needed for concealed carry. That is the law. If you read the Constitution of Mississippi you will note a right to open carry. Rep. Gibson’s bill simply clarifies a very poor legal opinion enacted by our AG several years ago that tried nullify that constitutional right.

    There are three things Progressives omit to tell folks as they try to whip up hysteria about guns;

    1. Police are not paid to protect you. Google that. Police enforce laws and maintain public order. They are NOT under a legal burden to protect you. So when the Progressives take your means of protection away, you are unprotected, period. Again, Google court decisions on this. They are there to read.

    2. The claim that “anyone” can open carry is a plain lie. The laws on who can own a gun are the same for a concealed carry person as for an open carry person. If you are a felon, etc, you cannot open carry or conceal carry.

    3. Progressives claim more gun control is required to reduce gun violence. Check out Chicago–has the strictest guns laws in the whole nation and a murder rate of over 500 persons last year…..most of it gang land violence [oh yeah, criminals don’t obey the law… gun control laws].

    In summary, when Progressives seek to make sure law abiding persons cannot have guns, they are making sure the only people with guns will be the outlaws who do not obey the law.

  3. Jeff Pittman Says:

    “Andy supports a gun law that allows folks to carry weapons in public without so much as a permit..”

    Actually, he seems to support the US Constitution, which also says you can write a false drivel column and vote for any fool without so much as a government permission slip. We don’t need a law “allowing” us to be free people. We don’t need our nanny’s permission to take care of ourselves. The Constitution legally protects us from the government and explicitly prohibits laws that violate our rights. Too bad it’s usually ignored.

    “Allowing anyone and everyone to walk around with guns exposes ME to risk.”

    This is demonstrably false. Stop making things up. FEELING at more risk is not the same as BEING at more risk. You don’t have any right to FEEL comfortable, or any right to force others to forgo their own safety.

    In your own words, “stop trying to impose your way of life and viewpoint on the modern citizens of Mississippi.”

    You’re worse than Andy. He’s not trying to force anyone to do anything. But you’re trying to force them not to.

  4. Rick Ward Says:


    As educated and smart as you are, you are ignorant when you try to tell us who is there to protect us. The US Supreme Court has twice ruled, once in a Washington, DC case in 1981 and again in a Colorado case in 2005 that the police have no duty to protect us as individuals rather society at large. So if the cop takes 2 hours to respond to your 911 call of being raped and murdered, tell your family they won’t be able to sue the police for negligence. By the way, I hope that never happens to you.

    Rick Ward

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