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June 21, 2013


Nancy Anderson, MBJ contributing columnist

Nancy Anderson, MBJ contributing columnist

I have a UDID. It’s not what you think.

UDID stands for unique device identifier. Every iPhone and iPad has its own set of numbers which will allow app designers to track usage. Folks, it’s a brave new world.

Last summer, I had an idea for a financial app called “Crazy Money.” I submitted the idea to a competition and found myself in Washington, D.C., presenting to a group of dignitaries. I got a trophy and some cash and felt pretty good about the whole thing.

I had no idea they wanted me to actually bring this thing to life! They handed me a little more money and sent me on my way to create this app. But I didn’t even know what a UDID was! And I live in Mississippi, not Silicon Valley.

So I began my search for some teenager to write the code and go through the process of submission to the app store. What I found was a tech-savvy 30-something with access to a network of coders and designers.

I spent one Saturday at my kitchen table drawing my vision on pieces of copy paper. Each drawing represented a different screen shot. What started as a simple approach to budgeting turned into quite a compilation of drawings as I tracked my “app” to its natural conclusion.

I turned my vision over to Joe, then stepped back and waited. Now I’m a control freak, but it took about 10 seconds for me to realize I was out of my league. Apps are the future, and I’m completely lost in this world.

I signed a contract. I wrote checks. And I trusted this would all happen as planned. Joe asked for my UDID. I asked a passing child what a UDID was. Before long, I was staring at the first iteration of “Crazy Money” on my screen. Wow! My kitchen drawings were coming to life before my very eyes — technology and creativity married in one tiny square on my phone.

We’ve submitted “Crazy Money” to the next phase of the competition and to the Apple Store for approval. We head to San Francisco for formal presentations and await Apple’s decision on our idea. In the meantime, Joe created a website,, to showcase the idea.

Mississippi may not be Silicon Valley, but Joe and his crew showed we can get the job done! Yes sir, it’s a brave new world!

» Nancy Lottridge Anderson, Ph.D., CFA, is president of New Perspectives Inc. in Ridgeland — (601) 991-3158. She is also an assistant professor of finance at Mississippi College. Her e-mail address is, and her website is

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