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TAKE 2: Bring it on — But the gun culture in America has got to change

December 17, 2012


Nancy Anderson, MBJ contributing columnist

I read Nick Kristof’s column in the New York Times on Sunday. It was entitled, “Do we have the courage to stop this?” Kristof writes about common sense gun regulations in Canada and Australia that we might consider implementing. The first time the column below ran, I received some of the nastiest and scariest e-mails […]

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Keeping an eye on our public servants — The integrity of our financial markets depends on disclosure and fairness

November 22, 2011


As a Chartered Financial Analyst, I am bound by the CFA Code of Ethics. As a registered financial advisor, I operate under federal law that recognizes me as a fiduciary. Both sets of rules require me to behave better than my local congressman. The integrity of our financial markets depends on disclosure and fairness. All […]

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Southaven Mayor Greg Davis should be in jail after taking town’s money for spa and golf trips, clothes and personal entertainment

November 15, 2011


Why isn’t Greg Davis in jail? >> POLL QUESTION: Should Southaven Mayor Greg Davis be arrested for using city money for personal trips, clothes and entertainment? This current mayor of Southaven, former state representative serving on the appropriations committee, and former Republican nominee for Congress has blurred the line between public and private with his […]

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